The Investors we partner with have access to incredible Social Entrepreneur talent and together we can drive successful results.

Social Entrepreneur Investors are critical partners because they provide financial support to Social Entrepreneurs and have a strong interest in their success. We treat them as one of our “customers” too. We recognize that to be successful, they need to see value. In this context, we define “Investors” broadly to include traditional or impact investors, as well as various types of donors such as individuals, foundations, corporate sponsors or universities. Business incubators or accelerators may also serve in the same capacity.

We help Social Entrepreneur Investors with some of their biggest challenges:

Ensuring the success of a social business, leading to desired impact and return on investment

Investors are great at selecting the best Social Entrepreneurs and causes to fund, but there is still no guarantee they will succeed. Many Social Entrepreneurs have brilliant ideas, but do not have the time or ability to implement them the way they want to. We are a great partner to have because working with entrepreneurs to build solid, scalable, sustainable businesses is what we do best – which significantly increases the success of an investment.

Obtaining the necessary documentation and transparency

We understand there is important documentation that needs to be in place, such as business plans and ongoing impact reporting. Obtaining these things from Social Entrepreneurs can be challenging because they may lack the bandwidth or expertise to complete them.  In fact, the paperwork can be a deterrent for some great entrepreneurs to enter the process in the first place.  We work with Social Entrepreneurs on the Investor’s behalf to guide them through the process and assist with the legwork. We provide you with the transparency you need to track your investment.

Staffing capacity and flexibility

Some Investors do provide advisory services to Social Entrepreneurs. This typically requires those resources to be on staff full-time. We can work on a Investor’s behalf in this capacity, which provides the ability for them to scale up during times of need or potentially the reduce head count and cost associated with providing advisory services. We can amplify your staffing capabilities.

Identifying new Social Entrepreneurs to invest in

There is always a need to identify additional talented Social Entrepreneurs to invest in. Our network and direct experience with them allows us to provide solid investment candidate recommendations, which saves the time and cost associated with deal sourcing and due diligence. We are on the ground identifying the best Social Entrepreneurs for you to invest in.

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