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Social Entrepreneurs build businesses as a mechanism for social change.

Like all businesses, Social Entrepreneurs experience challenges and need partnership as they start, scale and sustain their organizations. We help Social Entrepreneurs with some of their biggest needs:

Formulating, articulating, communicating and moving big ideas into action

Social Entrepreneurs have big, brilliant ideas, but they do not always have the time or ability to:

  • Fully consider all of the dimensions and implications required for implementation
  • Develop and orchestrate the detailed plans that are necessary to make them a reality
  • Create the documentation needed to communicate with the team, partners and investors

Metanoia is the bridge between strategy and execution.

Building for sustainability

Social Entrepreneurs want to create successful businesses which have long-term, ongoing economic and social impact. There is no better way to do this than by having a true understanding of the organization from top to bottom including:

  • What it does
  • Why
  • For whom
  • How
  • Where it is going
  • How it will get there

We are experts at architecting organizations.

Building capacity

Social Entrepreneurs often lack the human and organizational capacity necessary to scale their businesses to the fullest potential, especially if they are working within developing nations. We build capacity by teaching, working together using an “apprenticeship model” and structuring the organization for success.

Learning and implementing best practices

Social Entrepreneurs are cutting edge, constantly innovating, pushing the envelope and always looking for new ideas and best practices to help them advance or even leap frog. We have a broad base of experience and knowledge from working with entrepreneurs and businesses across the world, so we bring all of those ideas and best practices to bear on a challenge or opportunity. We also have access to incredible people globally who love to share new approaches and technology, and have the opportunity to apply them in different environments to help others.

Being part of a community

Social Entrepreneurs are creative and connected individuals, yet they may not have access to the full range of people and resources they need to grow their business. They also need like-minded people to learn from, collaborate with, do business with and give back to. We can connect entrepreneurs to a global network of people to partner with, or pull together a team to support their needs.

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