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Mozambique Entrepreneur Technology Discovery Trip

Moz_provinces_mapTeaming up with two prominent international humanitarian non-profit organizations, Metanoia Global seeks to stoke the entrepreneurial spirit and economic potential in the country of Mozambique through a nationwide Technology Discovery Trip. The trip is scheduled for July 16 – July 26, 2016. It will begin in the province and capital of Maputo and include travel to the provinces of Sofala and Nampula to meet with entrepreneurs and key organizations.

The goals of the discovery excursion are threefold:

  • Determine what can be done near-term to help entrepreneurs to build successful businesses in Mozambique.
  • Present promising entrepreneurs to investors and partners who are looking to support growth in Mozambique.
  • Guide the selection of invitees and content for an upcoming 2017 Mozambique Entrepreneur / Technology Summit.

Metanoia’s strategic partner organizations for the Technology Discovery Trip include:

  • Could you?, a non-profit offering consulting and transformational travel to Africa designed for people to conduct business or charity by connecting people of integrity and influence from the West to African Leaders of Integrity. The goal of CouldYou? is to develop African solutions to African challenges.
  • The Joaquim Chissano Foundation is a Mozambican non-profit organization that addresses humanitarian objectives, which includes the promotion of peace, socio-economic development and the preservation of culture in Mozambique and throughout the African continent.

Whynde Kuehn, founder of Metanoia Global states, “We believe that a healthy climate of entrepreneurship in Mozambique will not only stimulate the economy, but also deliver products and services that benefit individual communities and the country as a whole.”