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Metanoia Global Supports Cuban Entrepreneurs

Riera Studio, Cuban Artists

Samuel Riera, founder of Riera Studio, works with Cuban artists in the Havana Cerro neighborhood. The organization is devoted to supporting creators of art brut or outsider art, who encompass many walks of life.

Metanoia Global is a proud contributor to a forthcoming documentary about Cuban entrepreneurship, which aims to capture the grit, innovation and creativity of a dynamic people. Created by talented producer and writer, Tamara Park, the film seeks to tell a story that will inspire and challenge the viewer, as it explores the various ways that Cuba is undergoing remarkable change, especially as it pertains to the entrepreneurial spirit.

Metanoia Founder, Whynde Kuehn, accompanied Tamara and her team for a weeklong adventure during January 2016 to witness the filming and relationship building with some of the most inspiring Cuban entrepreneurs and artists in the country.

Metanoia is honored to begin working with Riera Studio, a social entrepreneur who is courageously pioneering new forms of art in Cuba (art brut or outsider art). Riera Studio is also unlocking the artistic and economic potential in people with mental disorders by demonstrating how they can make a meaningful contribution to society.

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