Building successful businesses for social entrepreneurs

Individuals with daring approaches to solving local, national and global challenges launch new social businesses every day. A growing number of these new businesses are pursuing more than just potential fortunes. They are promising – and succeeding – to help the world be a better place, now and in the future. We believe that business is a powerful mechanism to solve some of the world’s most pressing challenges.


We believe that purpose and profit can co-exist.


Our organization is Metanoia [met-uh-noi-uh], a Greek word meaning, “a change of mind” or a “change of thinking.” This concept is symbolic of what we achieve individually and collectively on a grand scale. We are socially minded, successful business people who are focused on transforming individuals, their businesses and the world. Metanoia Global offers a variety of services to Social Entrepreneurs, applicable throughout the life cycle of their businesses.


Take your dream and scale it as big as you can imagine. We can help you to impact your community, country or the world.

Achieve a dream


Identify high caliber and trustworthy Social Entrepreneurs. Drive the success of your investment by building solid, scalable, sustainable social businesses.

Support a dream


Have life-changing experiences that lead to an expanded world view and personal transformation by working alongside talented, impactful Social Entrepreneurs.

How you can help

PHOTO ABOVE: Metanoia Founder with Joe, a mental health social entrepreneur from Tanzania, at the Africa Health Incubator Summit in Mozambique, Africa.